About us

We are artists of different nationalities and our point of connection is movement. Each one of us has been trained in Corporal Mime technique (Etienne Decroux) in different European schools and cities. Furthermore other theatre disciplines have complemented our experience and training.  

The interest in movement brought us together, and the particular trajectory of each member enriches us. Thus we are dedicated to create shows, to hold workshops and to organize events that reveal the universe of physical theatre and street theatre.

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Anna Ripoll Companys


Born in El Milà (Tarragona) she moved to Barcelona to train as an actress in Corporeal mime and physical theatre at the International School of Corporeal Mime MOVEO, where she also completed the specialization. She attended the interpretation program for Meisner technique with Javier Galitó-Cava and completed her studies with workshops in contemporary dance, tango, comical acrobatics and stilts.

She has worked as an actress with Moveo Teatro company and she took part in their latest show “ARA!” winner of the e-MIX Quality Label, an international recognition for visual and physical theatre (COS, Festival Internacional de Mim i Teatre Gestual, Reus).

She created, along with the artist Maria Södermark, a solo physical theatre piece “Des espera” which received a special jury recognition at the Festival Troia Teatro 2011 (Italy). Currently she is working with different theatre companies as a visual composer, like the show “MÀGIC”.

She works in different theatre productions, also with text, and on original creations like the performance “Piensa mal y acertarás”, on real estate mobbing in Barcelona.



Valentina 3
Valentina Temussi

Born in Naples, Italy. Valentina graduated from the Istituto Universitario Orientale of Naples in Modern Literature with specialization in History of Modern and Contemporary Theatre. She trained in the Laboratorio de Arte Dramático BarDeFe in Italy and she graduated from the International School of Corporeal Mime of London (with Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum), where she also followed the post-graduate program in Teaching and Directing. She joined the physical theatre company “Theatre de l’Ange Fou” and toured internationally.

Since 2001 Valentina is a physical theatre and mime teacher in several schools and projects in Spain, England, Italy, France and Ireland. As an actress and director she has collaborated with different companies and festivals in several parts of the world: Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. In Italy, she has also performed in various projects and conferences/demonstrations on Corporeal Mime.

Currently she works as Movement Lecturer in the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona.

Evi 3
Evi Charalampidou

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She trained independently in theatre and dance taking classes of interpretation, contemporary and African dance, pantomime, solfeggio and singing. In 2005 she moved to Barcelona where she specialized in Corporeal Mime and Physical Theatre. She completed her training with the Dalcroze method (musical education through movement) and with the Pilates system of physical and mental training.

She has taken part as a performer in theatre, dance, pantomime and music shows in Greece, Spain and Italy. Furthermore, she has organized mime, movement and Pilates workshops in Spain and Greece. Currently she is also a member of the circus-theatre company La Volátil and she is working as a Pilates Instructor.

Oscar Valsecchi

Born in Lecco, Italy.

He studied at the Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Marcel Marceau in Paris and graduated from the International School of Corporeal Mime of London, where he also followed the post-graduate program in Teaching and Directing.

Between 1999 and 2006 he worked as teacher in the same school.

From 1998 to 2006 he was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou, working as an actor and set designer. As teacher and performer he has collaborated with various schools and companies touring in Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

Since he moved to Barcelona he has worked in different performances as director, movement coach and actor such as “Adreça desconeguda” directed by Lluís Homar; “Luces de Bohemia” directed by Lluis Homar for Teatro María Guerrero – Madrid; “El Arte de la Comedia” directed by Lluís Homar produced by Teatro Nacional de Cataluña; “Terra Baixa” directed by Pau Miro; “Les noces de Figaro” directed by Lluís Homar; “Ricard III” directed by Xavier Albertí produced by Teatro Nacional de Cataluña; “Entredos” created in collaboration with the circus company Capicua.

Sanna Toivanen

Has studied theatre, dance and performing arts in her country of origin Finland, in the upper secondary school of performing arts and in Lahden Kansanopisto theatre 1.  Furthermore, she has a diploma in Physical theatre and Corporeal mime. Sanna has been an active member in several theatre projects and groups in Finland before moving to Barcelona, where she has directed and interpreted shows with the Hermit Hut Collective and Vudú Teatro and participated as an actress in shows with companies like Fholia Teatro, El Cielo al Revés and in Microteatro Barcelona. Presently she is preparing new theatre performances with various companies and also works as a yoga instructor. In the last two years she has also directed theatre workshops with young students in the Romanian Festival Maninfest in Cluj-Napoca. Sanna also has a lot of experience acting in television, film and in commercials and video art.

Olivier 3
Olivier Décriaud

Born in France where he graduated in French literature, he then trained in physical theatre and mime with Ivan Bacchiochi and Robert Bennett in Paris. He also holds a diploma in Corporeal mime from the International School in London. He was a member of the company Théâtre de l’Ange Fou in London and since then he has taken part in different theatre projects.  He has toured with shows in Croatia, Spain, Italy, France, England, Israel, Rumania and Poland.

He has been teaching for various schools and organisations such as Moveo, Col·legi del Teatre, El plató de cine, the centre Amalia and the French Institute. He has also worked in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Port Said (Egypt) and Glob’culture (France). In Spain he also performed in “ARA!” (Now!), by Moveo Company as well as in an adaptation from John Ford’s “ ’Tis pity she’s a whore “, translated and performed in Catalan, directed by Anna Estrada.  Most recently he performed in the Teatre Liceu in the adaptation of the opera “La fille du régiment” by Donizetti.

During the last years, Olivier also specialised in teaching French through theatre, giving classes and workshops for French teachers.

Domenico Santo 3
Domenico Santo

Born in Naples, Italy. From 1997 he works and is active in the theatre world and in particular street theatre as actor and manager. The theatre company he works for, “Teatro di Legno” has gained some of the most important prizes of the contemporary Italian theatre: Nuove Sensibilità, Giffoni Film Festival, Festival Teatro Italia, Scenario, Premio Landieri.

In 1999 he founded “Morks”, a street theatre company that realizes shows and performances between Italy, Spain and Germany. The street performance ” The adventures of Gigio and prof. Trepiccione” realized by this company in 2006 and in which he performed, has been touring for a total of over 500 representations.

Since 2005 he teaches circus disciplines and theatrical improvisation in different  theatres, festivals and schools in Italy, like  TeatroCivico14 (Caserta), Teatro Comunale Carlo Gesualdo (Avellino), FestivalTroiaTeatro (Troia), O.T.C. and Teatro Garibaldi (Santa Maria C.V.); and also in Spain at Moveo, Escuela Internacional de Mimo Corporal Dramático (Barcelona).

sara 3
Sara Scarpati

Born in Naples, Italy. After graduating in Conservation of Cultural Assets in 2009, she devoted herself to the study of circus disciplines: trapeze and fabrics. In 2010 she made her first steps as stilt walker and since then she works professionally on stilts with the company Morks. From 2009 up to today she has taken part in Corporeal mime and clown workshop during many editions of the FestivalTroiaTeatro and with other teachers as Vladimir Olshansky. In 2011 she started collaborating with the Civic Theatre 14 (Italy), first as a volunteer, immediately afterwards as a collaborator and later as a teacher for children workshops. In this same theatre and at the same time she was a pupil of the theatrical workshop led by Rosario Lerro, Luigi Imperato and Marco d’Amore. From 2012 she collaborates also with the Theatre Gesualdo de Avellino (Italy) as teacher of circus arts and acrobatics for children.

In ToTum movement is our point of connection.