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Workshop and Street Performance

Morks & ToTum TeaTre

Inevidenza is a street parade performance. A trip to the discovery of the techniques of communication and of the expressive potentialities of the body.

A group of white prominent figures covered in clay become one with the urban space creating (and giving) a sensation of almost transparency. The uniformity and neutral attitude of the group attract the attention of the audience. The performers repeat individual actions with a red unique object. The actors play with their movements and relate to the audience creating symbolic images in an everyday environment.

We can also offer a theatre workshop led by two teachers and five actors from ToTum TeaTre, who guide the participants to take part in the street parade.

The workshop will end with a performance in the centre of the city. The performers will invade the streets, in a zone previously decided with the organizers of the festival, turning these ordinary places into spaces full of creative actions.

Idea and creation by Domenico Santo

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