Cuarteto Combinat

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Emotions transmitted through body language.

Cuarteto Combinat is a tribute to beauty and love between two people, regardless of their gender, where the most important thing is to live in the moment. 

4 actors; 2 women and 2 men. Each actor not only knows his role in the love duet but also the role of the other. Each one of them can perform the role of the man or the woman, which allows them to exchange between each other. The show consists of the same repeated love duet with variations and exchanging of roles and actors. Each duet is like a moment inside a passionate dialogue between the actors, inviting the audience to feel different emotions.

Idea and creation: Oscar Valsecchi

Actors: Sanna Toivanen, Xavier Moreno Berenguer, Evelin Jögiste y José Antonio Puchades.

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