What are you afraid of?

Actors Evi Charalampidou, Olivier Décriaud, Anna Ripoll Companys and Oscar Valsecchi

Directors Oscar Valsecchi and Valentina Temussi

“A tiny mouse sneaked between my legs, crossed the bedroom and hid under the closet. It seemed clumsy, I could have caught it easily…”


RatOn is a devised show that combines physical and visual theatre with a text. Symbolism, grotesque and absurd things play a major role.

Based on Dino Buzzati’s short story, “The Rats”; a few rats invade a house while the owners try to deny the evidence of their presence. Little by little we enter a dreamlike and absurd world where fear grows into an obsession.


RatOn is a subtle critique of the fear of confronting our own problems, prejudices and dangers. It condemns the easiness with which we get used to the routine and become afraid of changes and novelties. Until this fear dominates our life and corrupts our freedom.

The story is told with humour and poetry because we would like the audience to leave with the feeling that all ends well, there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing happened and nothing is going to happen, no reason to be scared, this story doesn’t concern you because you are not scared …

Or maybe not?

This show is 60 minutes long; it is also available as a solo in a 20 minutes version for particular stages and occasions.

Technical info

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